Asian-FTG-com Ireland Details of Busines

Asian-FTG-com Ireland Details of Business Standards


Asian-FTG-com Ireland Details of Busines

Asian-FTG-com Ireland Details of Business Standards Committee

The Annual Meeting of Shareholders, Asian Futures Trading Group was the starting point of the Business Standards Committee. The Business Standards Committee will undertake a review of our business standards and make recommendations to the Board of Directors and senior management to reinforce the firm’s client focus and improve upon the transparency of our activities.
“We recognize that there is misunderstanding between how we view the firm and how the broader public perceives our roles and activities,” said Qiu Song, Compliance Manager of Asian Futures Trading Group. “This initiative is consistent with our obligation to ensure that our standards across our business activities are of the highest quality and represent the benchmark for our industry globally.”
The Business Standards Committee will establish working groups to focus on the following five areas:
• Customer development. This group will re-examine and clarify the responsibilities we have to our clients and the different roles we may play to accomplish our clients’ objectives.
• Investment products. This group will consider how to address various issues surrounding complex products, including the suitability of products for different types of clients.
• Business Ethics. The focus of this group will be on how best to strengthen our professional ethics and clear and effective communication.
The Business Standards Committee will actively seek input from external constituencies and experts, including clients, shareholders, regulators, academics and public policy groups. A series of discussions and meetings will be held with these groups so the Committee hears and benefits from independent views, advice and judgment. These interactions will represent a core component of the Committee’s work.

About Asian Futures Trading Group
Asian FTG is an independent commodities and futures advisory firm located in Hong Kong. Asian Futures Trading Group offers the latest in order entry technology coupled with 24-hour execution and clearing on exchanges worldwide. Clearing more than 100,000 client accounts, the firm provides a full range of services to the industry’s largest global network of introducing brokers (IBs) and to commercial, institutional, international and individual clients. These include more than 200 IBs and many of the world’s largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions. We do not engage in proprietary trading; all of our business focuses on our valued clients.